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Support in Rough Times

The last week has been DRAINING....... Have you been watching the news? There has been protest, looting and violence all over the country. Wait... did we forget we are still in COVID-19 and not fully up and running. Are you tired yet??? I know I am!

One of the most unfortunate thing that I have been hearing......Some of my fellow vendors with storefronts have experienced vandalism, looting and even being physically attacked. Imagine, your hard earned efforts being ripped away due to the outrage and injustice that is happening in the country right now and of no fault of your own. How do you cope? How should you feel?

Vendors....YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Standing together and holding strong in the face of injustice is what we need to do right now. Don't be afraid to reach out to fellow vendors if you are affected by the current events of the world. Do you need help with your clients, your business or just need to talk to someone who may understand exactly where you are coming from?

We are in heavy times that carry heavy weights but.....

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