She is the owner of "Hactac Events by Denise A. Grant LLC." Denise is also a thirty-eight year old self-taught professional baker turned event planner who has been in business for the last 8 years.


The Jamaican born native has always had a creative mind but fell in love with baking and cake decorating after attempting to make her sons first birthday cake. After a few basic classes in the local craft store and determination to learn through self-teaching venues such as, she not only created that beautiful masterpiece for her son but found a love like no other in creating beautiful art through cake.


Over the years not only has she grown in her craft and technique but she has taken her business to new heights and levels by striving to be more than just “The Cake Decorator” but now the full event “Experience Creator.” 

Her attentative nature and detail oriented mind has produced some of the most amazing weddings and events both social & professional (see professional client listing below).

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